Kristina Vinson

       Smooth, Powerhouse vocalist/Songwriter - "Forever Love" available on iTUNES, GooglePlay, Amazon, plus more.
                                       "Movin' On" coming soon to online stores.

Kristina Vinson


 Detroit born, New Jersey raised vocalist, songwriter/composer debut single Forever Love available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon plus more.

Born: Kristina Vinson

Birth Date: June 12. 
Birth City: Detroit, Michigan.  
Raised:  New Jersey
Profession/Skill: Vocalist, Songwriter/ Composer.
Genre: INDIE- RnB/Blues, Soul, House;Classically trained.

Kristina Vinson spent the majority of her childhood in NJ. She resided with her parents, and 2 younger brothers up until she left for college.
Kristina began writing her own songs at the age of 17 shortly after entering the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Major:Vocal Performance.

Before Vinson's vocabulary existed she would sing melodies with her mother.
- At age 5, she performed for the first time at her elementary school talent show; Vinson sang, "From a distance" originally sung by Bette Midler. Then "Hero" by Mariah Carey. 
-At the age of 10 she performed at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem;there she sang "Another Sad Love Song" sung by Toni Braxton.

As a highschool freshman (age 14) Kristina was approached by Ben Yurco, and Dave Stolarz to sing with their band (other members included; Garrett Dawson, and Rob Fenning). This was one of several musical experiences that would give Kristina the skill and freedom to perform the music she loved. Vinson performed with their band up until the guys graduated H.S. Later, she would perform with other local bands and talent too. 

Kristina: "I have to say there is something in the water of my hometown bc the musicians there are the shit! Im glad to say that Benny Yurco (Grace Potter and the Nocturnals), Peter Sando (originally of the 60's band#Gandalf (#Rahgoos)of #CapitalRecordsDave Stolarz, Multi Grammy Award Winner Julian Vasquez and the late Mr. Edward "Chip" Dalton are my personal musical inspirations. They all play a close part in me singing and my love for it then,today and forever. I had to boast a little b/c they are all genuine bad ass influences to know and have!!"

Later on in life her performances varied;
Local venues, NJ State Fair to West Minster Abbey in the UK, St. Patrick's Cathedral in Ireland both with the Lakeland Chorale and Chamber Singers, Roy Meyers Scholarship winner, two separate personal open invites from the in-house management to return solo to Carnegie Hall, various NJ League of Women Voters Fundraisers, The Bitter End in NYC, plus so much more.

Kristina Vinson stepped away from her creative side for some time. Jan. 17th she gave birth to her first born, "Ava Miri"then 6 months later her younger brother Derrell Sterling was in a tragic vehicular accident. This was such a devastating time for her and her family, but Ava Miri's presence added some light to such a tragedy. Kristina stated, "My brother may not physically be here, but my family and I keep his memory alive!" 
2011, Kristina got married, and gave birth to their 2nd child-a girl... "Athena". 2 years later she gave birth to their first son "Valon". 

Kristina shows us talent has no expiration date, because she is back at it and better than ever. 
She has been working behind the scenes: writing for various artists. 
You can listen to her on youtube, also purchase her debut single "Forever Love" in most online stores.  She is a talent to be heard.

Dave Stolarz
Peter Sando- Backing Vocals on "Time Waits for No One" 

In Memoriam:
*Derrell Milligan 1988-2008
*Edward "Chip" Dalton 1952-2009
*Sox Vinson 1999-2017
"They are forever in my heart."-Kristina Vinson

Broadcast Music Inc. Songwriter
Catapult Distribution
Publisher: Kristina Vinson/KVPMusic.

Random fan questions:

*Justin from California asks- "Which do you prefer; singing live or recording in the studio? 

"I'd choose performing/singing live over a studio recording any day!"- Kristina V.

*Abigail from Wyoming asks-Tell us something you feel very strongly about-you? "I couldn't live with myself if I was living a lie... I can only be me. No matter what gemini personality trait I have going on that day- I let it shine or dull whichever..."- KV.

"I can't hang out with, or be friends with, or even be family with people that breath dramaaaa..." I get quiet then become ghost! lol" - KV

*Luiz from Brazil asks *What is your favorite color? "I like many different colors and shades, but I have to say my hair is Indigo blue, and my nails are royal blue the majority of the time"-KV

*Olivia from London asks-Do you have any pets? "Sox is my fur baby, he's family." -KV

*Njhay from the Phillipines asks *Are you signed to a record label, yet, which one? 

"It is my choice to remain an independent artist. I had my taste of record labels and working under someone else's 'authority'. Now, I do what I want- when I want to for people like you that take a genuine interest in my work. This way I never ever have to doubt my love for singing ever again." -KV

*Aditya from India asks- Who are some of your favorite artists/Influences? 

(No Particular Order)

Jill Scott
Etta James
Whitney Houston
Aretha Franklin
Mariah Carey
Toni Braxton
Lauren Hill
India Arie
Peter Sando
Nina Simone
Deborah Cox
Avery Wilson
Tamar Braxton
Michael Jackson
The Eagles
Kanye West
Ellie Goulding
Jhene Aiko
Tamar Braxton
Jazmine Sullivan
Day 26 name a few -KV